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Alexandra began practicing yoga in 2009. She was initially drawn to the physicality of a heated asana practice but soon realized the countless other benefits yoga would have in her life. Yoga became a way for her to turn inwardly; a means for self-reflection. Eventually it became a way of life and not just an hour long session on a mat.


Alexandra uses her yoga practice as a movement meditation and an act of self love/ self care. It has become a tool to promote healing from process addictions, trauma, and a way to connect spiritually as well as physically.


Wanting to bring yoga to communities who may not easily have access, she became a yoga instructor herself. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Sweatshop on Central in Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, she became certified under Shana Meyerson’s Mini Yogis Training to become certified teach young children and later certified to teach teenage youth.  She specializes teaching to children with special needs and individuals of all ages with varying abilities.


She currently teaches in treatment centers, studios, and developed an after school yoga program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. One of the goals she has as a teacher is to spread the importance for self love at any age. She tries to embody the yogic philosophy of “Ahimsa,” which reminds us to do no harm. She stresses that doing no harm to others is equally as important as doing no harm to ourselves, which for many comes sadly as an afterthought. Ahimsa, she emphasizes, is to be practiced by word, thought, and action.

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